Unmanned Sea Vessels
Leading 4G Mobile MESH Communications Solution for USV

The key challenge for unmanned sea vessels remains communications solutions. Lack of communication with USV can cause disorientation of the vessels creating great risk of them crashing into other vessels. This highlights the need to respond in real time when needed. Today communication between vessels is mostly basic (narrowband) or conducted via satellite which dramatically increases operational expenditures and overhead.

By leveraging 4G technology combined with Mobile MESH topology, Mobilicom delivers Bound-Free Mobile Private Network®   on-the-move,  ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communications including HD video and data without the need for any existing communications infrastructure to provide:

  • Long range & beyond the horizon communications
  • Each unit can serve as a relay to all other units in the area   (USVs, operators, recipients)
  • Multiple USVs communicate directly among themselves thus    working as a unified entity
  • USV can be controlled & viewed by multiple operators from    different sites
  • Seamlessly integrates into any 3rd party IP / Eth equipment
  • Operates on-the-move – HD video and data communications   between sea vessels  and command  stations on-the-move