Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
4G Collaborative MESH For Unmaneed Aerial Vehicles & Drones

Due to the sophisticated and wide roles UAV's take today, multiple communication challenges still remain:

  • Secured communication lines for tactical missions
  • Integration of high level technology
  • Data collection & distribution components within minimal size, weight and power
  • Data transfer on narrowband vs. HD and broadband IP networking
  • Communication between multiple UAVs
  • Harsh environment conditions
  • Communicating in N-LOS (non-line-of-sight) urban surroundings

With Mobilicom's Bound-Free Mobile Private Network®   single-box- solution, UAVs are fully equipped with 4G Mobile MESH wireless communications enabling the transmission of HD video and data regardless of size, weight and power. Mobilicom's multifunctional units provide full flexibility in defining and configuring uplink and downlink prioritization,