Mobilicom's Software Defined Radio (SDR)
When Flexibility and Agility Meet

Flexibility and agility are key components in meeting the demands of mission- critical-communications.  With this in mind, every aspect and component of our portfolio is designed to allow utmost flexibility and scalability.  From our versatile Mobile MESH network topology options to in-house technology designed down to the bit , unbounded to 3rd party technologies and constraint and free to be tailored as needed, and our Software Defined Radio (SDR).

What are the advantages of Software Defined Radio in our MESH network topology?

By replacing conventional hardware circuitry with Mobilicom's Software Defined Radio (SDR) functions such as decoding, demodulation and filtering can easily be changed, redesigned and reconfigured. This makes Mobilicom's communication units adaptable to any change, modification or configuration of wireless link parameters to best fit the ever changing environment conditions.

Mobilicom's software defined radio is susceptible to hardware related vulnerabilities such as sensitivity to temperatures and manufacturing variations, assuring consistent performance and stability between units.

Unlike conventional hardware components, software defined radio (SDR) cannot break; components do not need to be changed making a stronger more reliable solution.

Easy Reconfiguration
Every function, every unit, every communication purpose can easily be reconfigured to suit any change, on-the-move without the need for new platforms and component replacements.

Enhanced Features
With conventional hardware radio every feature enhancement such as recorders, complex decoders, spectrum analyzers entail high expenditures if possible at all. As part of our moto to make impossible mission-critical-communication possible, Mobilicom's software defined radio makes feature enhancement and development possible.

Future Proof Technology
Mobilicom's SDR is a "future proof" technology where all latest technology, updates and better performance are attainable by a simple software upgrade. This provides further enhancement to our MESH network topology based units.

Low Maintenance and Cost
Mobilicom's software defined radio is embedded in all of our units and does not require any maintenance, special treatments or additional costs.