The attendance rate for a mega event ranges from several thousand to over 100K people. In many cases these public events include VIP's and official representatives that only increase the caliber and potential magnitude of such events. A public event therefore poses a greater risk for potential HLS incidents.

Public events are often short, inconsistent and require ad-hoc attention and infrastructure in full capacity. Most public communications networks cannot handle such intensity and collapse. Precisely for this reason they cannot be relied upon.  Securing and assuring the safety for all attendees requires seamless integration of multiple aspects and technologies to deliver a continuous, constant flow of data and communications.

Mobilicom's Bound-Free Mobile Private Network® delivers a vital communications network to crews, units, forces and first-respondents whether on land, air or sea, without the need for any existing infrastructure. 

Presidential elections worldwide would be nothing without the controversy and occasional riots. These occasions are public events fueled by...