Keeping Passengers Safe & Secure

Mobilicom is focused on delivering mobile wireless communications solutions that assure the safety and security of train commuters.

From platform surveillance to live HD video broadcasting from within the railway carts, which are on-the-move and railroad-crossing safety communications, Mobilicom delivers Bound-Free Mobile Private Network® technology and solutions for a range of applications in the transportation industry such as:

  • Railroad-Crossing Safety Communication:  Transmitting HD from a distant road crossing directly to the train driver's screen, providing real-time HD video, for a safe and secure road-crossing with enough time and leeway to detect any obstacles on railroad crossings in order to avoid emergency stopping and unexpected situations.

  • Security and Safety within the Train Cabins: Transmitting HD video, data and VoIP in real-time, enabling real-time monitoring and situational awareness from the headquarters or security and safety command and control center, thus dramatically reducing vandalism, crime and transit terrorism and elevating the security level for all on-board passengers.


Mobilicom's MESH Technology for Train Crossing Safety Solution
"A train hitting a car is like a car hitting a pop can – it's no contest"* Statistics show that: Accidents at level crossings accounted...