Mobilicom's Mobile MESH Technology for VIP Convoys
Tightening Communications among Convoy Units

The goal of a VIP convoy is to ensure a safe passage of a vehicle, a person or a group of vehicles between two given locations. Protecting VIP convoys from unexpected threats has become a very high priority and a tactical challenge. The role of every vehicle in the convoy is very demanding and requires high levels of:

  • Planning
  • Team work
  • Judgement
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Flexibility

All this is required while the VIP convoy is constantly on-the-move. Communication among convoy units is crucial. Mobilicom delivers beyond vehicle-to-vehivle (V2V) communication solution to include an all-round, encompassing wireless HD Video, Data and VoIP including:

Multi-Sphere communications from land, air and sea so your convoy is not restricted in any way and can be conducted on all levels to provide 360° view of on-the-move convoy.

Communications from multiple vehicles whether from ground, air or sea to multiple vehicles. With Mobilicom eVest solution, all personnel escorting the VIP convoy are part of the security layer that makes a VIP convoy flexible and agile, sharing HD Video, data and VoIP with all convoy vehicle on-the-move.

Mobilicom's VIP Convoy wireless communication solutions deliver full synchronization between all convoy units, full situation awareness that enables ad-hoc decision making that reinforce all relevant parties to provide a safer passage for all.

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