Mobilicom's Mobile MESH Technology for K9 Units
Extending K9 Units Communications Scope

K9 units provide 24 hour 7 days a week service. The teams respond to calls involving criminal apprehension, N-LOS (none line of sight) building searches, narcotics, explosive material detection, special operations and recue missions. K9's add another level of safety for officers.

Mobilicom provides the agility to that layer of safety. Equipped with Mobilicom's MESH multifunctional units, K9's provide full situation awareness prior to onsite activity. By transmitting real-time HD video back to dog operator and receiving remote commands via IP, response teams obtain real-time collective data that provide insight to any given situation.

Mobilicom's Bound-Free Mobile Private Network® provides superior tracking and surveillance abilities without the need of any existing infrastructure. Such flexibility enables N-LOS searches regardless of available onsite communication means.  This in turn, reduces the risk of any activity. Being the sole player to leverage 4G technology combined with Collaborative MESH topology, Mobilicom amplifies all communications to provide greater distance range and optimal communication:

  • From point-to-point with broadcast capabilities
  • From multiple-points-to-multiple-points  with broadcast capabilities
  • Overcoming N-LOS challenging environments
  • Overcoming densely populated urban environments, forests and disaster stricken areas

Further reinforcing and assuring a strong and stable private mobile network.

  • Mobilicom's MESH Technology for K9 Units
Wireless Technology for K9 Units. Working together with men's best friend. Some of the hardest working members of law enforcement, first...
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