Mobilicom's MESH Solutions for Border Patrol & Surveillance
Securing the Nation's Borders

Long stretches of border along vast remote areas, are hard to monitor with conventional surveillance methods. Smugglers and illegal trespassers know this and target these remote areas for border crossing and smuggling.

For tighter security, Mobilicom’s advanced mobile communications system enables ad-hoc surveillance designed for dispatch units, particularly for large distances and terrain where no physical border or communications infrastructure exists. The MCU product family offers instant broadband wireless communications that connects sensors, cameras, mobile manned and un-manned platforms with ad-hoc/mesh technology, maintaining constant contact along a remote border even in non-line-of-sight conditions (N-LOS). With up to 20MBps of uplink and downlink transmission capability, more information can be shared among security platforms and nodes in these areas and relayed to central command for better surveillance and security.