Mobilicom's 4G MESH Technology & Solution for Offshore Oil & Gas
Connecting through uncharted waters

For Mobilicom it is no longer a question of having an offshore oil & gas communication solution that withstands the harsh, brutal sea conditions and the isolation of offshore facilities.

The question is what more does Mobilicom deliver?

Communicating with deep sea offshore oil & gas platforms entail numerous challenges:

  1. Interoperability – Operating numerous vessels, boats, platforms on a single standardize platform
  2. Ability to work on a multi-functional solution where all units can serve as relays, gateways and transceivers
  3. Reliability – A communication network that can be relied upon in all circumstances and situations
  4. Security - Maintaining all communications under a secured private network

Furthermore, Mobilicom's offshore mission-critical communication solutions dramatically reduce overhead
 providing unlimited offshore communication constellation with a single satellite link
for backhauling to headquarters only.

Mobilicom is one of the startups to be a part of Tyco Innovation's initatives for partners with disruptive technologies for safety and...