Mobilicom Software Management Solutions
Simple, Intuitive Single Powerful Software Platform

Mobilicom's software management solutions are designed to provide encompassing management and control tools over distributed onsite MCU units in a simple, intuitive and efficient manner.  The solution consolidates all relevant data, into a single powerful software platform that enables real-time monitoring of communication networks and deployment.

All our software management solutions have the following common added-values designed to meet the challenges of monitoring and managing mission-critical –communication network layout:

Scalability – Expand and decrease the number of units, whether from the same product line or supplementing units, on a need basis.

Central Configuration and Monitoring – Configure and monitor all units from a single centralized post. This assures a synchronized overview and efficient management of all deployed communication network and units.

Simplicity – An intuitive single software platform for all Mobilicom units and supplements simplifies even the most complex communication topology and set up to a few clicks away.

Easy Installation - Designed for istallation on common operating systems: Windows XP/7/8 and Linux (Ubuntu).

Open Architecture -  Mobilicom's software management solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications. This enables our customers to integrate their existing network management applications with Mobilicom's management solutions.