Mobilicom Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures
Instant Mobile Wireless Network solutions and products
for mission critical applications.

Mobilicom is the only company that incorporates the concepts of
instant, ad-hoc/mesh, 4G mobile and broadband communications
into one solution.
Mobilicom's MCU product family offers an ad-hoc LTE broadband solution for public transportation, smart grids and emergency applications such as
disaster relief communications. The system consists of a network of
sophisticated communications devices that can work without standard
infrastructure, creating an instant broadband connection while saving
money on capital expenses.


INSTANT                =    No infrastructure needed
AD-HOC/MESH    =    Self-forming, self-healing networks
=    Based on LTE standard
=    At speeds up to 800 km/hour
=    40Mb per second

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Public Transportation
Broadband Smart Grid
Disaster Relief
Public Safety and Safe City
Homeland Security
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